About us

We strive to develop comprehensive value added solutions at low costs. Our solutions are directed towards increase in efficiencies and performance in work. Whether it’s a solution or a program Sixwares delivers.

Our action plan is focused and planned. We are result oriented organization and are committed to invest in initiatives for newer expanded customer relationship. We always strive to enhance productivity and improve upon our low operating cost position. We help to generate positive cash flow and use the proceeds in further expansions.

Company Description

Sixwares provides Internet marketing solutions like website creation, website designing. Software developers, designers, content writers are involved in the creation, development and marketing of a website and company coordinates each activity perfectly for immaculate work.

Our 50+ work force maintains relationship with every customer to serve them, and deliver quality services to them. Sixwares has worldwide customers who are fully satisfied by the services and seek for more from the company.

Our services are destined for complete perfection and Company believes in solidarity and commitments. We complete our targets well within time. We provide services in latest technologies also. With our tailored methodologies and focused approach for building accurate solutions.